NGW & Associates Ltd.

14 Eagle Road

Edison, New Jersey 08820

Phone: 732-319-1650

Fax: 732-549-6219


NGW & Associates Ltd. is a corporate financial consulting firm targeting small and mid-sized companies.

NGW & Associates Ltd. provides client customers with Senior Financial and Administrative assistance. We are innovative problem solvers.

                                                We can work with you on your specific needs:

General Management                 More Cash

Systems                                   Better Controls

Services                                    Accurate Cash Forecasts

Contact us                                  Getting More From Your Bank

Strategic Planning                      Extended Terms From Vendors

Cash Flow Management             Reduced Overheads/COGS

Business Development               Better Financial Information

Increasing Company Profits

Financial Plans For The Future

Improved Cash Flow

Exit Strategies


We can be a sounding board

to senior management

on key decisions.

Principal: Jeffrey G. Weiss, MBA, CMA